Eccrine hidrocystoma
Eccrine hidrocystoma are benign tumors of sweat gland origin. They are often exacerbated by hot and humid environments. The lesion is usually larger in summer and smaller in winter. The lesions present as skin-colored dome-shaped papules in the periorbital area usually located along the lower eyelids.

Cooling the affected area may temporarily reduce the size of the affected area.
Laser treatment is usually ineffective.

  • It presents as small blue papules filled with clear liquid.
    References Eccrine Hidrocystoma: A Report of Two Cases with Special Reference to Dermoscopic Features 34084021 
    Eccrine hidrocystomas (EHs) are benign tumors, which arise as cystic dilatation of the eccrine sweat duct. The lesions of EH have a chronic course with periodic flares in summer months, associated with exacerbation in sweating. Diagnosis is mainly clinical with histopathology being confirmatory. Dermoscopy is a noninvasive tool, which may confirm diagnosis of EH without subjecting the patient to a biopsy. We report two representative cases of EH, with emphasis on dermoscopic features and which well responded to topical botulinum toxin-like peptide.