Ingrown nail
Ingrown nail is a common nail disease. It is an painful condition of the paronychium or nail bed. While ingrown nail can occur in the nails of both the hands and the feet, they occur most commonly with the big toe. The disease starts first from a microbial inflammation of the paronychium, and then a granuloma, which results in a nail buried inside of the granuloma.

Ingrown nail can be avoided by cutting nails straight across. Footwear that is too small or too narrow will exacerbate any underlying problem with a toenail.

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Do not overcut the ends of your nails. Do not wear shoes that are too tight. Avoid walking with excessive weight on your thumb.
Use cotton or a small tissue paper to lift the nail, to separate the nail from the affected skin.

If you have pain, apply antibiotic ointment and take OTC pain relievers.

Ingrown nail corrector may be used to correct the deformity.
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Surgical removal of an ingrown toenail involves removing a small portion of the side of the nail and destroying the base of the nail.
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  • People with ingrown toenails tend to walk with weight on their toes, so it is important not to cut your toenails too short to prevent ingrown toenails.
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Ingrown toenails are quite common, accounting for about 20% of foot problems in primary care, often affecting the big toe. They're more common in young men, often due to how they care for their nails and the shoes they wear. Simple treatments without surgery include adjusting footwear, managing sweat and nail fungus, and placing cotton or dental floss under the ingrown nail. For mild to moderate cases, options like a cotton nail cast or taping the nail fold might help. Surgery aims to prevent the nail plate from digging into the nail fold, reducing inflammation and recurrence. The most common surgical method involves removing part of the nail plate. Matrixectomy, which prevents recurrence, can be done through surgery, chemicals, or electrosurgery.
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Ingrown toenail, also known as onychocryptosis or unguius incarnatus, is the most common nail problem encountered in podiatry, general family practice, and dermatology.