Nevus depigmentosus
Nevus depigmentosus is a loss of pigment in the skin which can be easily differentiated from vitiligo. Their size may grow in proportion to growth of the body. Unlike vitiligo, they are nonprogressive hypopigmented patches.

Those with nevus depigmentosus may be prone to sunburn due to the lack of pigment, and the patient should use good sun protection. Most patients with nevus depigmentosus do not need to treat the lesion.

  • Man's chest with Nevus depigmentosus.
  • Nevus anemicus ; These lesions appear white due to the absence of blood vessels.
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Nevus depigmentosus is a skin condition marked by a light patch with an uneven edge. It often appears at birth or soon after. Surgery and light therapy are the main treatments studied.
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The diagnosis of patients with nevus depigmentosus involved distinguishing it from nevus anemicus, pityriasis alba, tuberous sclerosis complex, and vitiligo.