Nevus spilus
Nevus spilus is a skin lesion that presents as a light brown or tan macule, speckled with smaller, darker macules or papules. It is a light brown patch of pigmentation varying in size from 1 – 20cm. It is a benign nevus.

  • Several black nevus exist within the brown patch with clear boundaries.
  • Nevus spilus ― A typical case. The black nevus can be easily removed with a laser, but surrounding pale areas are difficult to be removed.
References Treatment of nevus spilus with Q switched Nd:YAG laser 23442469
Nevus spilus (Speckled lentiginous nevus) is identified by dark spots resembling moles on top of a café-au-lait macule background. It's no longer seen as just one condition, but rather two variations have been identified: Nevus spilus maculosis, Nevus spilus papulosis. This study aims to assess how well Q switched Nd:YAG laser treatment works for nevus spilus in fifteen patients.