Papular urticaria
Papular urticaria is a common disorder manifested by recurrent papules caused by a hypersensitivity reaction to the bites of mosquitoes, fleas, bedbugs.

Treatment ― OTC Drugs
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      Urticaria commonly presents with intensely itchy raised welts. It is sometimes accompanied by swelling of the underlying tissues. Treatment primarily involves avoiding triggers, if known. First-line medication includes newer antihistamines, which can be adjusted to higher doses if needed. Other medications like older antihistamines, H2 blockers, leukotriene receptor antagonists, stronger antihistamines, and short courses of corticosteroids can be added as extra support. In cases where urticaria persists despite these measures, patients might be referred to specialists for additional therapies such as omalizumab or cyclosporine.
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      This review outlines the latest guidelines for treating urticaria and offers new understandings of its causes.
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      Second-generation H1-antihistamines (e.g., cetirizine, loratadine, fexofenadine), Omalizumab, Ciclosporin, and short courses only of systemic corticosteroids