Poroma is a benign skin tumor derived from sweat glands. They are most commonly found on acral distribution (on palms and soles), and most commonly in adults.

They are 1 ~ 2 cm, pink or red shiny tumorous lesions. A biopsy is sometimes done because it can look similar to squamous cell carcinoma.

      References Poroma 32809744 
      Poroma is a benign glandular adnexal tumor. Initially, It was thought of as a pure eccrine tumor, but now it is clear that it has both eccrine and apocrine origin. This activity reviews the clinical presentation, evaluation, and treatment of poroma and highlights the role of the interprofessional team in the care of this condition, especially when transformed into a malignant form.
       Cryotherapy for Eccrine Poroma: A Case Report 37095806 
      Eccrine poroma (EP) is a benign adnexal tumor that is derived from acrosyringium, the intraepidermal eccrine duct of sweat glands. The standard treatment for eccrine poroma is complete excision. However, this case report highlights cryotherapy as one of the modalities in treating eccrine poroma.