Senile gluteal dermatosis

Senile gluteal dermatosis is the hyperkeratotic lichenified skin lesions around of the gluteal cleft in elderly people.

      References A Retrospective Study: Clinical Characteristics and Lifestyle Analysis of Chinese Senile Gluteal Dermatosis Patients 38434574 
      A total of 230 patients were included, of which 36 were diagnosed with geriatric buttock dermatosis, with a mean age of (84.2±12.6) years, mean body mass index of (21.7±3.8) kg/m2, and a male to female ratio of 2:1. There was a significant correlation between the occurrence of the disease and age, gender, body mass index, sedentary time, type of chair used, and hypertension (P<0.05). The severity of the lesions may be associated with longer sitting time and prolonged use of bamboo chairs (P<0.05). Histopathologic changes were not specific. The skin lesions could subside after general treatment such as improvement of lifestyle, use of pressure-reducing air mattresses, salicylic acid cream, and moisturizing creams.