Venous lake
Venous lake is a generally soft, compressible, dark blue, 0.2- to 1-cm papule commonly found on surfaces of the vermilion border of the lip. Lesions generally occur among the elderly. Though these lesions may resemble nodular melanoma, but the lesion of venous lake is soft.

Although excision is considered, lesions may be observed without treatment.

  • It mainly occurs on the lips.
References Senile Hemangioma of the Lips - Case reports 25484424 
A venous lake, sometimes referred to as senile hemangioma of the lips is usually a solitary, non-indurated, soft, compressible, blue papule occurring due to dilatation of venules. It is commonly found on sun-exposed surfaces of the face and ears. A 46 year old male patient presented with an 8 month history of a single, painless, bluish swelling over the lower lip which began as a pea sized lesion and gradually increased to the present size. Patient strongly denied any history of trauma at the site. No history of bleeding spontaneously or following minimal trauma could be elicited. On physical examination, a single, violaceous, soft, compressible, non-indurated, non-pulsatile papule was present on the lower lip. Patient was treated with cryotherapy with application of liquid nitrogen by dipstick method with one 10-second freeze-thaw cycle with a 1-mm margin. This was done at biweekly intervals. Some improvement was obtained following 12 weeks of therapy.