Xerotic eczemahttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xerotic_eczema
Xerotic eczema is a form of eczema that is characterized by changes that occur when skin becomes abnormally dry, red, itchy, and cracked. It tends to occur more often during the winter and in dry conditions. The lower legs tend to be especially affected. Xerotic eczema is common in elderly people.

Do not use soap.
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  • Xerotic eczema is most common on the legs in the elderly. It is important to avoid using soap on the affected legs.
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    Appropriate application of a moisturizer attempts not only to improve the dryness, but also improve the skin's natural barrier function to protect the skin from internal and external irritants to keep the skin healthy. Moisturizers consist of various ingredients, including occlusive agents, emollients, humectants, lipid mixture, emulsifiers, and preservatives.