Erosion/Laceration - 浸食/裂傷創傷
浸食/裂傷 (Erosion/Laceration) は、表皮の喪失を示す皮膚の破壊です。裂傷または切り傷とは、皮膚の傷を指します。

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#Hydrocolloid dressing [Duoderm]
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      Abrasions are superficial injuries that occur on the skin and visceral linings of the body, disrupting tissue continuity. They are typically minor wounds, mainly limited to the epidermis, and usually do not cause significant bleeding. Most abrasions heal without leaving any scars. However, if the abrasion extends into the dermis, it may result in scar tissue formation during the healing process.
       Scar Revision 31194458 
      Scars are a natural and normal part of healing following an injury to the integumentary system. Ideally, scars should be flat, narrow, and color-matched. Several factors can contribute to poor wound healing. These include but are not limited to infection, poor blood flow, ischemia, and trauma. Proliferative, hyperpigmented, or contracted scars can cause serious problems with both function and emotional well-being.