Mucocele は、粘液溢出現象または粘液貯留によって引き起こされる症状です。粘液嚢胞は青みがかった半透明の色をしており、子供や若者によく見られます。


  • 粘液嚢胞治療
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The pathologies covered include recurrent aphthous stomatitis, herpes simplex virus, oral squamous cell carcinoma, geographic tongue, oral candidosis, oral lichen planus, pre-malignant disorders, pyogenic granuloma, mucocele and squamous cell papilloma, oral melanoma, hairy tongue and amalgam tattoo.
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Mucoceles 小唾液腺が損傷すると形成され、詰まった管内に唾液が蓄積します。これらの腫瘍は通常、痛みがなく、滑らかで、青みがかった色または透明に見える場合があり、通常サイズは 1 cm を超えません。治療には外科的切除が含まれ、場合によっては外科医が再発を防ぐために近くの腺も切除します。
Mucocele develops as a consequence of mechanical trauma to a minor salivary gland, which is followed by saliva retention and accumulation inside the blocked and dilated excretory ducts of the gland. Lesions are usually painless, with smooth surfaces, bluish or transparent. Most are not larger than 1 cm in diameter. They are treated by surgical removal; at that time, the surgeon often decides to perform the ablation of the neighboring minor salivary glands in order to prevent relapses.